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The Invisalign technique uses aligners that fit over the teeth

With the Invisalign technique, your teeth will be straightened with a series of aligner trays. You’ll go to the dentist only a few times during the treatment, and you can check your progress at any time. After your initial treatment, you won’t have to visit the dentist for new aligners, but you will need a new digital scan and possibly additional aligners if you’re still experiencing misalignment.

Treatment time

The time it takes to correct an orthodontic problem with the Invisalign technique depends on the case. For minor cases, the treatment can take up to six months. However, if the problem is complex, the time may be as long as two years. Regardless of the case, however, the process is generally painless.

To start treatment, patients will be provided with a set of aligners. These must be worn for 20-22 hours a day. Every one to two weeks, a new tray is inserted. The Invisalign technique orthodontist will advise on the exact amount of time needed to complete the entire process. The time will depend on several factors, such as the patient’s cooperation and the rate at which the teeth move.

Aligners used

The Invisalign technique uses aligners that fit over the teeth and gradually move them into position. Each aligner has a slightly different shape than the teeth, which helps in the movement of the teeth. The movement of the teeth is controlled by Clincheck software, which determines how to make the aligners. The aligners use pressure points and power ridges to apply the correct forces to the teeth.

The process is quick, taking only a few minutes. First, the dentist uses a hand held scanner to create a digital model of the patient’s teeth. This model is then uploaded to the Invisalign website, where the technician receives instructions. They also plan how many aligner trays are necessary to move the teeth. The number of trays will vary from case to case, but most aligner trays will move the teeth a minimum of one millimetre per week.

Care required

To maintain a healthy set of teeth, care must be taken to keep Invisalign trays clean and free of bacteria. The trays need to be rinsed with warm water after each use, and they should always be stored in a case. Plaque buildup and other oral health issues can result from leaving the trays out in the open, so proper brushing is essential.

Cleaning the aligners is as easy as brushing your teeth. It is recommended that patients brush their teeth twice daily, preferably right after breakfast and before bed. The proper brushing technique involves lightly brushing along the gum line and using circular motions. Flossing is also recommended, since it will help remove plaque.


The cost of Invisalign treatment is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional braces. In fact, a typical treatment plan may cost between $3,000 and $5,000. Depending on the initial position of the teeth, the treatment plan can last anywhere from six to twelve months. More extensive treatment plans may take even longer. However, the results of an Invisalign treatment are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

One of the benefits of the Invisalign technique is that it can be used on a range of dental misalignments. Regular visits allow the dentist and orthodontist to supplement or adjust treatment as needed. For more extreme cases, the dentist may use attachments to facilitate the movement of the teeth in larger, more pronounced steps. However, the additional expense of the attachments and additional office visits may make the treatment more costly overall.

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