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Cabinet-Painting Basics

There are three basic steps in cabinet-painting. First, prepare the cabinets. Using a primer, you can paint the cabinet frames. Next, apply the paint. Then, let the paint dry completely before reattaching hardware and putting the cabinets back together. Follow these steps to get the perfect finish. If you have the time, you can even paint the entire kitchen cabinet! This process can save you a ton of money!

Cost of cabinet-painting

A typical cost for cabinet-painting depends on how much you want to spend on the labor. The cost of cabinet painting is almost entirely labor. In contrast, the cost of normal house painting is split roughly 50/50. Cabinet-painting prices include all the materials used. A professional painter will charge around $450 for a thirty-door kitchen. A professional painter will also have experience and a high-quality paint sprayer.


Before painting your cabinet, you need to prepare it first. Remove any removable parts from the cabinet and label them clearly with painter’s tape. Sand the surface with the grain to open up the wood pores and remove surface abrasions. This will prepare the cabinet for painting. Next, reinstall the shelves, but be sure to hang them first. You can paint¬†additional hints them after the other components are dry. After painting the cabinet, you can install the hardware.


You can achieve a professional look by using a high-quality primer for cabinet painting. It is a great way to hide minor surface imperfections and prevent stains from bleeding through. Primer also allows the top coat to adhere better. A typical coat of primer will take about an hour to dry, but it can take up to four hours in humid conditions. For the best results, allow your primer to dry completely before painting the cabinet.


Besides the paint, you will need brushes and sprayers. Paintbrushes are useful for small areas like the inside of the cabinet and can be used to smooth out drips. Sprayers can be used to cover large surfaces efficiently. However, you should use the correct type of paintbrush for the job. If you plan to paint the entire cabinet, you will need a sprayer with a high-pressure nozzle. Nevertheless, you can use both methods if you’re unsure.


To ensure the quality of your project, you should hire a reliable cabinet painting contractor. A qualified cabinet painter will have adequate insurance coverage. While most contractors provide liability coverage, you should check the contractor’s insurance policy. This will cover any repairs, which would otherwise be your responsibility. If the contractor has employees, it should also carry workers’ compensation insurance. In addition, ask for references. Regardless of the type of paint used, you should ensure that the contractor has a professional reputation and a good customer review.

Cost of materials

Cabinet painting isn’t a cheap project. You’ll need paint supplies. Professional painters recommend not skimping on materials. Paint isn’t cheap – you’ll likely end up spending anywhere from $50 to $160 per gallon. Here’s how to budget for the materials. Here’s a rough idea of how much you’ll need for the paint and supplies. Once you’ve figured out the amount you need, you’ll know exactly how much to spend for each step.

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